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Our goal is to provide useful information about our company that makes it easy for you to set up business relationship with us.
Since 1997, we have been proudly servicing our clients' international air and ocean transportation, project forwarding, export packing, and order management needs.
We continue to monitor and review our principles and what we are looking to offer, and to reflect this endeavor we provide below the philosophies that Mornington strives to achieve for clients and staff alike.

Highest Quality Customer Service
The best way to achieve this is to always place ourselves in the position of our client; the service we provide should reflect what we are looking to receive ourselves.
Our concept of service is to meet our customers’ requirements; to establish win-win cooperation with each of our customer.

Competitive pricing & Value for money
We are competitive in the market with our pricing structure-but this does not mean that we must or should be the cheapest.
The structure of our quotation is freight price with high quality service. What we offer is not only the freight transportation, but also our tracking service to deal with any issue in the position of our clients.

Great staff & An enjoyable workplace
At Mornnington we see our staff as a very important part of our long term future. We create an enjoyable work atmosphere to ensure that we are always smiling everyday that will reflect in a positive manner in the way we deal with all of our clients, service providers, and fellow staff.